Michael Griffin’s ‘Jazz 4 Choirs’
Australian National Choral Association, Adelaide
The Power of Music, Conference, Brunei (Keynote)
Association of International Schools Africa Educators' Conference, Johannesburg
English Schools' Foundation, Hong Kong
ISME World Conference, Beijing
ECIS 2010 Nice, France
Association Genevoise des Ecoles Privées
Geneva 'Pollens Pédagogiques'
International School of Luxembourg
BSME Arts conference, Muscat Oman
Spring Cantus Salisburgensis Festival, Salzburg
ISME World Conference, Bologna
APEP Member Schools, Thailand
GIS, Malaysia
SJI International, Singapore
Baobab College, Zambia
Oakhill School, South Africa
ECIS, 2009, Hamburg
ISS, Germany
Oratory Prep, UK
Cranleigh, Surrey, UK
Ardingly, Sussex, UK
The Hawthorns School, Surrey, UK
MEC, Christchurch NZ
Hagley, Christchurch NZ
Allan's/Billy Hyde's Music Days:
(Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane
The Australian International Conservatorium of Music
SA Education Development Centre)
ASME WA Summer School, Perth, Keynote
Toorak College, VIC
Trinity Grammar School Kew, VIC
Gippsland SGSMP Staff PD, VIC
St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, VIC
Dandenong Music Seminar, VIC
Oxley Christian College, VIC
Victory College, Wodonga VIC
Scotch College, VIC
Woodleigh School, VIC
Loyola College, VIC
Rushworth Secondary College, VIC
Ruyton Girls Grammar/Trinity Grammar PD day
United Music Teachers of NSW
The Arts Unit, NSW
Parramatta CEO, NSW
Reddam School, Bondi NSW
MTA Newcastle, NSW
MTAQ Gold Coast, QLD
MTAQ Brisbane, QLD
MTAQ Townsville, QLD
MTAQ Ingham, QLD
MTAQ Sunshine Coast
Crescendo Music Teachers' Day, QLD
St Columbas, SA
Loreto College, SA
Mount Gambier Eisteddfod, SA 2011-12
Australian National Eisteddfod, ACT 2011 - 12
Kodaly/ANES Canberra
Dante Musica, ACT


Michael Griffin with members of

Sarasas Ektra School and APEP

Member schools, Thailand   


Thrive! (General staff, primary and secondary)

Motivation. Mindset. Metacognition.

Music Teacher PD

Teachers search for better teaching methods, new ideas and inspiration, to improve the musical lives of students. Empower your staff with this inspiring and motivational professional development seminar,.


I thought Michael Griffin gave the best talk I've heard on motivation and learning. He managed in less than 2 hours to deliver brilliantly on the subject. The content was so well supported with references and statistics it was inspirational.

Bill McEwen, Piano Teacher, Ardingly College, Surrey, UK.

Michael has really got me reflecting on my practice and reminded me of different schools of thought and processes to encourage me to look at how I motivate myself and others. It has been a very worthwhile day and introduced new ideas to build into my teaching practice.

Michael clarified the ways in which we learn and ways in which we can assist the learners to achieve their best. This gave me lots of thinking points and ideas in ways I could re-visit what I do and apply it to the individuals in my classroom. It fully met my expectations and outcomes and beyond.

This was very informative and motivating. There was lots of time/breaks/stimulus for both professional and personal thought. The questions and discussions were challenging and thought-provoking. I now have clearer knowledge personally and plenty of new ideas to take back to my colleagues to share through staff development making this fit to my school and roles.

I loved Michael Griffin’s presentation style. He had very good interaction with everyone and created a good atmosphere. The content was great and I enjoyed the opportunities to discuss with others.

I loved the idea of how Michael drew from many familiar sources of ideology and new ones to create a logical connection that really does make sense. I enjoyed all of it. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the interesting topics discussed have stimulated my reflection processes.

7th International School Leaders Conference, Brunei 2012, Keynote speaker. Varied comments.

Michael Griffin recently spoke to the combined teaching staffs of Trinity Grammar School and Ruyton Girls’ School.  His presentation centred around motivating and engaging young people in their study.  Michael provided some valuable insights to achieving a high level of motivation within our school age learners – his examples were relevant and instructive, and the essence of his presentation maintained the interest of staff involved.  Elements of humour provided light relief to listeners.  I was delighted with the presentation which opened up a number of discussion points for us to pursue in future.

Rick Tudor, Headmaster Trinity Grammar School,  Victoria

ASME WA Summer School 2011: I particularly enjoyed our Keynote speaker Michael Griffin and wished I could have gone to all of his sessions. Mr Griffin clearly has good credentials as a musician and a music teacher in his own right but he has then gone on and reflected on the influences and experiences that have shaped him and his ideas as a music educator. He has synthesised those views and is now sharing them in an articulate way to a varied audience. I admired the range and depth of the people that he quoted as well as the fact that he was very much in touch with relevant contemporary investigation and thinking. I particularly liked the fact that Michael’s talks were well structured but still flexible enough to be responsive to the particular audience, their comments and suggestions. I admired the way that he responded so positively and encouragingly to those who contributed and also liked his openness to other people’s ideas. Isn’t it terrific when an ‘expert’ is also interested in new ideas and open to further discovery?

SP, Western Australia

Dear Michael, Are you exhausted? Well you should be. What a wonderful presenter you are - and performer, too!! I could've stayed there all day and listened to you playing piano. FANTASTIC PRESENTATIONS!! You were absolutely great and, I bet everyone tells you so! You made me feel very confident in what I was doing already, plus, opened a lot of areas I hadn't even thought of. It's the first time I didn't feel hindered to share my point of view and my ideas in front of a group of musicians. I would not have done that in a million years a couple of years ago. You just made it possible with your easiness and openness to people's views. You were so refreshing and comfortable to be with. Keep doing what you are doing and I hope to attend another one or two or more of them. So invigorating!

Your's sincerely PS, Perth

Michael, on behalf of the entire music staff (45+) at our school, may I thank you most sincerely for your inspiring, thought provoking and enjoyable presentation today. I have heard nothing but praise from the staff in attendance for your insightful, relevant, engaging and positive discussion. Your passion and expertise are obvious, and I could not have wished for a better start to the year. With very best wish, and in anticipation of another session for staff and/or students in the near future.

Director of Music, Melbourne.

Michael, I thought your workshop/lecture was the best one I attended at the ECIS 2010 conference. It was thoroughly enjoyable and useful, and I wish I could have attended your other sessions. The way you started was excellent and I like the way you involve your audience and present concepts in such a user-friendly way. I hope we can have you visit and speak at our school.

M. Hawthorn, Head of Mathematics, Oman

The primary teachers were delighted with your tips for choirs and rushed off to put into practice at rehearsal today. Long may it continue! Having the chance to sit down and just talk about music with you was a huge breath of fresh air. Having an expert come in who speaks the same language and sings from the same hymn sheet has helped my sanity no end!

GIS, Malaysia

Once again thank you for inspiring me, I so enjoyed your workshop on Friday. I want to get you here to talk about all sorts of things!

Deputy Principal, Qatar

I must say that I was really impressed with the course that you did for us on Friday and have recommended the morning session as something that all of our staff would benefit from. I can honestly say that it is by far the most thought provoking INSET that I have undertaken.

Head of Creative Arts, Kuwait.

It was just the most inspiring couple of days I remember for some time! Thanks also for the materials you sent me. 

Teacher, Qatar

Firstly, thank you for the workshop on Friday, everyone seemed to very positive about the whole weekend and much of that is down to you.

HOD, Oman

I‘ll start with the positive for term three. Michael Griffin‘s workshop on choral jazz saw a good room-full of eager participants on September 5th. Michael‘s workshop was excellent - well researched, well-organised and the handout was very useful. Michael gave many of us the confidence to tackle choral jazz by removing the mystique and explaining it simply. A teacher at the core, Michael, now resident in Dubai, certainly proved his credentials!

ANCA President, Australia

Well researched and informed. Presented in a well-structured manner, and in a way that gives us much to reflect upon. You have an important part to play in promoting and encouraging music in the crowded curriculum; moreover the aspects of professional development you offer are important to the support and mentoring of music educators.

Christchurch Music Teachers, New Zealand 

Thank you for your very insightful workshop on Friday night. Your message was clear and always pitched at a level that young students and their teachers could understand. You helped them to understand how to develop sound reflective music practice techniques. You illustrated many key aspects of how music activates the brain. Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation.

HOD, New Zealand

There was positive feedback from everyone at our end!

Principal, Greenfield Community School, Dubai

Excellent session on multiple intelligences at the ECIS 10 conference in France. I loved your ideas on getting the kids thinking and reflecting on their own personal intelligence.

Glenn Lawler, Elementary School Principal FIS, Germany