Students from British International School Phuket enjoy Study, Stress and Music.




Eton College, Windsor, UK
The King's School, Worcester, UK
Cranleigh School, Surrey, UK
Durston House, UK
Edgeborough, Farnham, UK
Lancing College, West Sussex, UK
The Hall School, London, UK
Oratory Prep School, UK
Prebendal, Chichester, UK
King Edward's School, Whitely, UK
King's Taunton, Somerset, UK
Kingswood School, Bath, UK
Black Forest Academy, Germany
International School of Stuttgart
International School of Luxembourg
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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SJI International, Singapore
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Long Bay College, NZ
Glendowie College, NZ
Upper Hutt College, NZ
Chilton Saint James School, NZ
Chisnallwood Intermediate School, NZ
Burnside High School, NZ
The King's School, NSW
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St. Catherine's, Waverley, NSW
Mackellar Girls, Manly, NSW
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International Grammar School, NSW
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Sydney Boys' High School, NSW
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Groves Christian College, QLD
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Academy for Creative Industries, QLD
Cleveland District HS, QLD
Kelvin Grove State College, QLD
St Stephen's College, Gold Coast, QLD
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Mazenod College, WA
Kolbe Catholic College, WA
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Eastern Hills High, WA
Ursula Frayne College, WA
Wesley College, WA

Presentations for students


The Expertise Mindset

This 60-minute lecture presents three core learning ideas. The interactive presentation style includes questioning, humour, games and music. Suitable for senior students.

How are You Smart?

This fun and empowering presentation will inspire stuents with a sense of their ppotential, and remind them how learning is one of life's great joys. It celebrates the diversity of humanity and encourages students to invest in themselves. Suitable for middle-school students.

Study, Stress and Music 

What is the impact of music on behaviour and more specifically, learning? Given that approximately 70% of students listen to music during homework, this informative and research based lecture is relevant to senior students and teachers.

Click here to request an 8 hour mp3 playlist for private study and classrooms. Fee applies.

Developing Musical Skill

To make musical progress, nothing is as important as the quality and the quantity of practice time. This inspiring presentation will equip students, teachers, adult learners, and parents with the methods and mindset to improve the likelihood of learning music successfully.

Michael, I have had several boys talk to me about your talk, and I have found myself doing things differently and giving different advice since you came. Clearly you made an impact, partly because you were so clear. Several boys have mentioned your "flow" diagram. That had a great impact. Thank you so much for coming. It would be very good to get you here to talk to other musicians, I do hope we meet up again soon.

Ralph Allwood, Precentor and Director of Music, Eton College, UK 

Thank you so very much for the presentations you gave to both our Academic and Music Scholars. Your passion for the subject is infectious and you pitched the material just right to keep everyone engaged and entertained. The neurological evidence for the most effective and efficient practising techniques was particularly fascinating and has certainly given even our most advanced music students some real food for thought. For the teachers too it was wonderful to have an outside speaker backing up with hard scientific evidence all the advice we give in our day to day work. We certainly hope you will be able to come again to inspire the next generation.

Marcus Pashley, Director of Music, Cranleigh School, Surrey, UK

Many thanks. I very much enjoyed your session and thought there was an excellent and engaging mix of talk, your own piano-playing of illustrative extracts, and visuals. I hope we can repeat this process next year.

Deputy Principal, Lancing College, West Sussex, UK

Michael Griffin was extremely well prepared, responsive to the size and nature of the individual boys, and made his points relevant and interesting (rather than sounding nagging about doing more practice). It was an excellent session and the boys still comment about various things that were mentioned. Several parents also attended and it was also valid and suitable for their ears. I would thoroughly recommend him.

The Hall School, London England

Dear Michael - The enthusiasm you show for music and singing has been infectious and encouraged students to join. Since your visit to ISL, the numbers of the SHOW CHOIR have increased and the members of the BOYS ONLY vocal group have renewed vigour. With your expertise at our music weekend, you have helped change the image of singing at ISL into something that is fun to do and so very rewarding. Aside from the above, I also wish to thank you for your encouragement of me and my work.

Veronica Marrie, Head of Music, International School of Lausanne, Switzerland

Soon after your talk on how to practise music, a performance from one of my students showed a 300% improvement! He credits this to what he learned in your workshop.

HOD Music, Sydney Boys High School, Australia

I organised Michael's visit as guest presenter at ISL after hearing very positive feedback from other teachers at various international schools, and we had a wonderful experience. Along with my colleagues here at ISL, I strongly recommend Michael’s presentations.

Demosthenes Dimitrakoulakos, The International School of Luxembourg

Michael, a huge thankyou for a wonderful workshop with our staff and students. My yr 12 class said they all gained so much from it, and they talked about how they would specifically apply it to their individual programs.

Cathy Holt, Woodleigh School, Victoria

Michael gave a wonderful workshop with our choirs and totally engaged the students. A fabulous musician; personable, humble, good humoured  friendly and very perceptive. His knowledge, musicality, perceptiveness, rapport and value was second to none that I have had the pleasure of working with.

HOD Music, New Zealand

This talk was perfectly suited to our IGCSE and A Level music students. The information was presented clearly in an engaging, relaxed manner. The demonstrations on the piano, combined with the power point presentation, use of humour and the involvement of the audience meant that everyone was thoroughly attentive and focused throughout. However, the real test of the success of this talk lies in the legacy it leaves behind. I was delighted by the number of music students who approached me in the days and weeks following Michael's visit to tell me about how they are using his methods in their practise. It has also helped me as a teacher, when helping students to overcome a particular problem with their playing, I only need to give a gentle prompt and they quickly recall the steps they need to take and are able to go much further in solving their own problems. This talk gave a real boost to our music students and has given them the confidence to take more responsibility for their own progress.

Garden international School, KL Malaysia

It has been a wonderful experience having you with us today. Your message was very clear and I am sure children will start using their full brain! Maybe some will start learning music instead of being passive listeners. I am optimistic our children will now look at music differently. Looking forward to having more such sessions in future. 

A K Shrivastava Principal Birla Public School, Qatar

Qatar and India newspaper reports of Michael Griffin workshops:  (Page No.7)

The kids really enjoyed your workshops, and some are quoting you in their level 3 topic essays! Thanks for the inspiration.

Long Bay College, Auckland New Zealand

I can’t thank you enough for the presentations you made at our school today. You know things have gone well when you catch the students talking about it after school.

MYP Coordinator, Greenfields Dubai UAE

It was a very good, engaging talk. The students loved hearing from someone who is out there doing it. I think of greatest value was perhaps the particular aspects of how to approach performance, ways of handling performance nerves, etc. Your comment of staying in the present moment and handling errors was very valuable; I saw a few kids jump for their pens when they heard this. Your comments on the brain/brain research and music were extremely interesting. Please come back next year.

St Michael’s College, Australia

It was great to be able to have an intelligent discussion with someone as knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about things as Michael Griffin is. It’s terrific for the students, but also refreshing for teachers. 

St Mary's College, Australia

Just a quick note to say how Interesting your multiple intelligences 'How are You Smart?' workshop was. It is a perfect beginning of the year activity to help the students realise their potential and to understand that everyone does not fit into a neat little 'box'. I hope we will see you back at Chisnallwood Int. again.

Chisnallwood, New Zealand

The students found your talk very inspirational as well as amusing. We are talking about your ideas in our group rehearsals, so the learning is becoming experiential. Hope you had a good return trip. We would like to have you again, maybe next year.

 Glendowie College, Auckland New Zealand

I am absolutely astonished at how much my students recall of your seminar. A ball park estimate would be something in the range of 90% of the information that you gave has been absorbed and redescribed in essay form along with personal reactions to the information. Every student has stated that they found your presentation really interesting, and it has helped not just their music learning but also that the knowledge is beneficial for their study in other subjects as well as good "life" learning. On behalf of the students, tutors and myself, thank you so much and I hope your travels are going well!

Upper Hutt College, Wellington New Zealand

It was great meeting you, and staff and students alike very much enjoyed your workshops. They were inspiring, perceptive, and entertaining.  It was great that you could engage the students quickly and enthuse them to want to participate and understand more - both in the jazz improvisation, harmony workshops and also in the choral workshop with our I See Red choir. We have enjoyed following up on your workshops using your resources.  Please let us know when you are over this way again and we will have you back for more workshops!

Ella Buchanan Hanify, Chilton Saint James School Wellington New Zealand

It was a pleasure to have you in school and I know our students not only enjoyed the experience but learned a lot from it. Let’s hope we can get you back again sometime in the future.

Jan Lamb, Principal Baobab College, Lusaka, Zambia

What students say:

The seminars were great and I learned a lot about practicing and the psychology of music. I hope we get another opportunity to do similar workshops again.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Griffin's workshops. I learnt a lot more about myself and knowledge in general. Thank you for everything!

I had the privilege to listen to Michael's interesting and insightful lecture about effectively practising music. Michael's lecture was all about the keys to successful learning in music and taught us some strategies to not become as bored and to use to whole brain. The lecture was made more exciting by audience participation. Everyone seemed to be attentive and seemed to be listening carefully to what he had to say. It was a very valuable and beneficial lecture for everyone.

Year 8 student, Geelong Grammar School Victoria, 2012.

The music workshops were very enjoyable; the one about Beethoven amazing! It was great that he played the pieces himself, or got other students to play them for him, that way we could hear the music "live". It was a great learning experience and I would very much like to do it again next year!

Mr Griffin's workshops were really interesting and taught me new things that will be helpful in future. The workshop about Beethoven showed Mr Griffin’s wonderful piano skills which made it even more enjoyable. I really appreciated these two days as they clarified some of my doubts about the musical world and life and I strongly thank Mr Griffin for spending his time with us.

The Beethoven workshop was great, especially because he played the pieces so amazingly for us, instead on just delivering boring facts. I learnt a lot.

I found the lecture about the practice and performance really interesting and useful because it answered my questions about the brain and how we can learn certain things. This has inspired me to practise my instrument more.